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Making New Lines

Wood Designs

Wood designs provide a way to take the appearance of your ScottyBob skis to the level of functional art.  The price for a wood design starts at only $100.  Take a stroll through the wood design gallery to get an idea of the many beautiful and eye-catching possibilities.

Many of the designs in our gallery started with a line drawing from the client which we then interpreted into a wood design.  Our shop operates by on-demand production so we have the flexibility to make every pair of hand-made skis look exactly the way you want them.  ScottyBob SkiWorks doesn’t bang out pair after pair of mass-produced and identical skis.  To the contrary, every pair is hand-made and different and that’s what makes our job so enjoyable.  Nothing in top sheet design is written in stone.  Mix and match different tip and tail designs, choose the woods and colors you want for your skis.

For only an additional $50 we will place your name and a crest on the skis.  Use your own design and we’ll incorporate that into the ski with price based on your specifications.

Look through the gallery and work with us to get creative!  Come up with what’ll be easily recognized as a one-of-a-kind pair of skis! Your skis!

Here is a VIDEO of more recent skis!

Here’s a gallery of  SKIS OF THE WEEK  for the last couple of years!