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Making New Lines


Are you ready to specify what your hand-made set of ScottyBob skis will look like?   For most skiers, the starting point will be picking one of the Big 3 models in either alpine or telemark design.  Then use one of the standard top sheets of wood or a solid color.  This set of ScottyBob hand-made skis will cost $850.

Shown below are the wood types and colors available as a standard top sheet.  The standard top sheets of the solid colors reflect direct light into a prism effect.  The color of the ski will appear to change as the light strikes it at different angles.

Other woods, solid colors and even special designs may be offered on a limited basis.  If you don’t see something you like, just write or call us for other options, which will always depend on what’s around the shop at the time of construction.

As you can see, there’s a lot of different options available for standard top sheets.  Our wide selection of standard woods and colors ensures that most people will find the top sheets they’re looking for to personalize their skis.

From here, we take the different models of our skis to higher levels of top sheet personalization for an additional charge.  Check out the galleries on the wood design page for a look at some of the incredible top sheet designs and motifs we’ve come up with through the years at the request of our customers.

Available Wood Choices

Available Color Choices