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Making New Lines

Symmetrical Skis

We have been making the BobTail design for over a decade now. People who ski them love them. Then you may ask why make a symmetrical line? Because people love them :-). We make skis, and we are not here to tell people what to ski on. Our job is to make what people want, and that’s why this year we are introducing four models of conventional symmetrical skis and one Tip Rockered symmetrical ski. They are designed from carving rails on the hardpack, to floating in the deepest powder.

If you don’t like the dimensions we came up with, feel free to design your own. It’s only $100 more to have your own one of a kind ski!



The EZRyder is our hardpack carving ski. It’s designed with a 78mm waist to give a rapid edge to edge and with a 18 meter sidecut radius you’ll be making one quick turn after another. They are available in three different sizes 165, 175 and 185



Our next entry is The RollinThunder, it’s designed as an all mountain ski. The 95 mm waist is just wide enough for the hardpack and yet gives great float in the powder. With the modest 23 meter sidecut radius you’ll be making good turns and still be able to straight line!

With three different sizes to chose from 165, 175 and 185, big to small ryders enjoy!



In the fat ski department, our 1st entry is the OneTen. That stands for the waist size. There will be little concern when it gets deep! Have fun in the powder with these skis, designed with the high mountain backcountry in mind a conservative 26 meter sidecut will help you smear the turns you need. Only two sizes are available 175 and 185.





You want FAT!! You got it! The PowerHouse(named after our building) is one fat ski. We designed it around the tip, with a massive 160mm in the shovel it will just power though any sort of powder there is. 30 meters of sidecut makes straight lining and smear turns it’s specialty! For such a big ski there are only two sizes, 175 and 185. We were worried to make them smaller, because you might of ended up riding on a square :-).





Finally, we didn’t want to leave out the people who want a rocker ski(see the rocker section for more info on rockers). We put a 115mm waist on them for those fat powder days. And with the rocker tip going for them, tip dive will become a thing of the past. Offered in three different sizes 175, 180, and 185.

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