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Making New Lines


It has been over three seasons since we introduced our Tip Rocker skis and in that time many people have ordered them and love them. But over time people wanted different dimensions, This season we are offering two new models along with the highly successful SharkSnout.

By bending the fore body of the ski up about 30 cm just before the tip kick of the ski, the float in powder is greatly enhanced. Add the responsiveness of Scotty Bob’s legendary BobTail design and you have one hot pair of skis. Two different designs of Tip Rockers are available in both telemark and alpine skis.


The BullShark are for those who what a Tip Rocker without having a big waisted ski. So the edge to edge ease is greatly increased. With the 105mm waist you won’t even know that you are already in the next turn.



The SharkSnout brings 16m of side cut to the ski before the tip rocker. When you hit the hardpack after a long day in the powder, just keep cranking ‘em all the way to the bottom! This season we are offering them in 175, 180 and 185 lenghts.



You want something big? Well we got something big for you! At 130mm at the waist and a tip rocker, you’l be looking for the deepest deep snow. They float like they are on hardpack, the biggest disappointment might be that your not getting face shots!