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Making New Lines


At the turn of the last millennium, ScottyBob SkiWorks opened its doors and began making handmade skis.  Our very first ski was the legendary 179 BobTail with its tie-dyed top sheet.  Through the years we’ve continued to evolve top sheet design with many innovative motifs without ever looking back.

Like Grateful Dead concert bootleg tapes that just keep on surfacing, the requests wouldn’t go away for the distinctive tie-dye top sheet design.  As great as that design was, we simply didn’t have any left.   Then one day, when cleaning out a corner of the shop a box of them was discovered!  I decided to offer a blast from the past – but only for as long as the box lasts – and it won’t be for long.

These are the original tie-dyed top sheets, so they’re only available in the 179 cm length for alpine and telemark skis. Don’t wait if you want a retro set. Unlike bogus limited time offers and knock-off reproductions, these tie-dyed top sheets are the real deal and they’ll go fast.


Available Retro Telemark Models

Available Retro Alpine Models