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Making New Lines


Since their introduction in 2006, ScottyBob alpine skis are recognized around the world for their innovative design, ease of control and usefulness in a wide range of snow conditions.  The “Big Three” alpine designs are proven departure points for building your hand-made alpine ski. From here we dial in the camber, flex and other physical properties of the alpine Swing Blade, ThunderBolt and Fat Ass to meet your exact needs.

Our alpine skis may look similar in design to the telemark models, but they are very different.  Buy a ski specifically for alpine or telemark skiing – but not both.  The design page goes into the important differences between our alpine and telemark models.  Unlike symmetrical skis that some manufacturers claim you can change the bindings to ski them in either style, our skis don’t work that way.  Don’t compromise the outstanding responsiveness and control of ScottyBob skis.  Buy the ski we’ve designed specifically for alpine or telemark mounting and skiing.  It makes a big difference or we wouldn’t build different skis for alpine and telemark skiing.

As with all of our skis, the finishing touch is in the appearance.  Look through the gallery to come up with a wood design or a top sheet motif of your liking.  We only make one-of-a kind skis and the differences in the top sheet are a way to proclaim your tastes and individuality to the world one slope at a time.

Don’t settle for anything less than the very best – ScottyBob hand-made alpine skis!


We don’t call it the SwingBlade for nothing! With it’s 72mm waist and 14 meter sidecut, you’ll be swinging these blades around effortlessly. Have a blast in the bumps and set deep tracks in the groomers.



The ThunderBolt is our all mountain ski, go where you want to go! With it’s 88mm waist and 17 meters of sidecut, enjoy the powder and rip down the groomers.



Do these skis make my ass look fat? If they do, so what! You’ll have fun in the deepest of powder days, but with it’s 15 meter sidecut you’ll still be enjoying them once the powder is tracked out!