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Making New Lines

Adaptive Ski’s

monoThis year we are offering Adaptive Skis for monoski or bucket skiers. About six years ago a friend of mine Ryan Hoffman had a fall and now he uses a Monoski. After finding out that he was skiing again, I asked him about the ski he was using. He informed me that monoskiers would just go out and buy a pair of skis. Use one of them until it broke, then use the other one.

I knew Ryan back when I was driving buses, a long time friend. Since I was in the business of making skis, I offered to make him one. I asked him what was needed, and the two big requirements were stiffness and durability. So I set out to make him a ski!


A regular pair of skis are designed around the fact the you are using two skis at the same time. So to the most part there is only ½ the body weight on the ski and the flex and stiffness is designed around that. A monoskier on the other hand is always on one ski. Not only their weight, but the weight of the chair as well. When a monoskier uses a regular ski, it’s too soft for their purpose.

Thats why we make them STIFF! That’s whats needed.


Again a regular ski is designed to have half the weight on them. Monoskiers often break the skis in front or behind the bindings. The reason this happens is because they are too soft. But a ski designed for them is much thicker and therefor more durable.


Over the last few years we have come up with some designs for Monoskiers. They generally are wider and have more sidecut than regular skis. Here are some of the designs.

This season is our 1st season making monoskis and we respectfully don’t know all the needs for the monoskiers. With that being said, our custom dimension charge is being waived this year for monoskis. We will make any ski you want in any dimension you come up with(as long as fits in our material size) for no extra charge.

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