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Making New Lines


I love hearing from people before, during and after they get matched with a pair of my hand-made skis.  The interaction with people is the most enjoyable aspect of my job.  We have the privilege here at ScottyBob Ski Works to fuse our knowledge, skill and craft with your needs and desires.  With every individual we strive to create your dream ski.  Design, camber, cut, flex and motif are some of the elements we mix to create a perfect recipe for lasting enjoyment and use of what are truly “your” alpine or telemark skis.

The advertising people wanted to edit and condense remarks from a handful of the many emails we receive – but I wouldn’t have it.  Here’s the mailbag for your perusal, just like dumping it out on the floor to go through it.  Please send your comments and reviews when you get a chance.  I publish just about everything sent, so you’ll need to mark it as confidential if you don’t want to see here.

Just a quick note of long-overdue appreciation for the ridiculous love I have for my Headrush 184’s.  I stumbled upon them on an end-of-season demo-rack several years ago and took a chance– holy moly, I just LOVE these skis!  I’ll make ’em last as long as I can, and when they finally need replacing I can’t imagine buying anything but another pair of Scottybob’s.  Cheers to you for making such a fantastic ski!



Howdy ScottyBob,

Got back from an awesome ride today, came through my back fence and started to do a couple yard chores, sauntered around to the front porch, and SHAZAAM! a parcel had been left there with your logo stenciled on it. Naturally stopped the chores and took the box to the shed to check the goods. It was all I could do to wait that extra few seconds – nearly ripped the box open on sight.

I hardly know what to say; I nearly wept with joy (no bull!). They are about 100x cooler than I thought they would be, and I had high expectations! They way you did the tribal flames of birds eye in slight bas-relief to the wood is simply gorgeous!

I will forward a photo of the pair on their first snow day. Tempted to take ’em into the Sawtooths this weekend, but that would be a travesty me thinks, given the little pebbly rockfalls that have trickled onto the late spring snowpack. I think I need to save ’em for next season.

You have another over-the-moon happy customer – thank you so much! What a great way to memorialize this 4th of July weekend – receiving such an amazing example of American ingenuity and craftsmanship!


Best wishes,



Hey ScottyBob!

The four pairs of FatBastard’s that I ordered for my kids last year became the most successful Christmas gifts that I’ve ever offered them. They were just thrilled, expecially my youngest doughter, who firmly believes she’s really got the nicest pair of skies in the world. The design/wood art on all the skies is just perfect; the kids all enjoyed it! Attached to this mail is a photo of the four of them with their brand new ScottyBob’s, taken during the easter holiday this spring. As you may see on the second picture, I also made them matching ski-bags for christmas…

I’ve been Telemark-skiing for about 6 or 7 years now, but to my kids this is something entirely new, though they’ve been Slalom-skiing from childhood. Myself I learned Telemark-skiing just from trying it out, and of course by watching others performing it. Nevertheless, this winter I had to teach my own children Telemark-skiing, and this was actually the first time I’ve had the joy of teaching it to someone unfamiliar with the art. With the ScottyBob Telemark skies that job wasn’t very difficult. I have at times been watching professional ski-instructors giving telemark lessons to various people, and I’ve noticed what huge emphasis they have on teaching their pupils always to put most weight on the outer/front ski as they perform the telemark turn; and I’ve seen them spend a large amount of time on teaching the skiers to keep the inner ski flat and not allow the edge of that ski to cut into the snow. In other words, all the initial lessons are used to teach the skiers how to compensate for the fact that the skies do not carve tougether, and I’ve actually seen tremendous practising time being spent on learning how to align the inner ski with the outer ski etc.! When putting the novice on a pair of ScottyBob Telemark skies, however; we may actually skip that nonsense! Why? Simply because the skies carve toughether! Teaching Telemark to the beginner has never been easier!

With my very best regards,

Atle Solholm
alte kids


I just stumbled upon a pair of Headrush 167’s at a friend’s consignment shop in Donnelly, Idaho by shear accident. He let me take them for a powder weekend in and around Brundage. All I can say is HOLY CRAP what a great ski you make. I’m 48 and thought my tele days were numbered; but on these fine tools I felt 20 again! The quick release of the uphill inside edge between turns was a revelation, and I was schralping everything in sight from untracked to crud to bumps to tight trees. I could completely commit with confidence to any turn anywhere, and was incredibly efficient in terms of energy expended. I was able to ski harder and longer than I thought possible. WOW! – all this on second hand skis made for somebody else with an indeterminent numbers of days used (one man gathers what another man spills?).

I’m now trying to budget for a new pair and hope to chat with you over the upcoming summer about a fall 2011 delivery. I feel like I have been living under a rock for the past decade, as I had not previously heard of your efforts. I will do my bit to remedy that in Sun Valley – my circle of ski buddies is already jealous, seeing the before and after affect of your design on my “abilities”. The fact that they are also the prettiest skis I’ve ever seen is just lovely icing on the amazingly functional cake.

Best wishes for the continued success of your innovative venture!

Greg Travelstead

Dear ScottyBob,

thanks again for your suggestions and guidance when I ordered my new
telemark skis in early April. The modified FB-175 are both very well
finished and look stunning. They are now fitted with light G3 Targa
bindings I had on other skis. The bindings go well with the overall
spirit of fat skis like these. I had a chance to ride the FB for the
first time in the French Pyrenees in the last week of April. As
expected, the weather was great but the snow was very heavy and rather
sluggish. In these typical spring conditions, I enjoyed the ease of use,
short radius and low weight of the skis. I am now looking forward to the
next rides in fresh powder snow in 2010/2011!

Best regards, P. Braun

Dear ScottyBob!

I just want to let you know I recieved my Fatbastards about two weeks ago. The skies are looking great, and the wood design is wounderful! I’ve mounted a pair of the new Axl binding upon them. I’ve only had the chance to try them about twice, however; one day during the easter holydays and then last saturday. It took me about five or six trips down the mountain to get used to them, as they respond quite different from my old Völkl skies. As I’m getting used to a slightly more “laid-back” telemark style than before, however; speed is going up, and the Fatbastards are just great. It’s wounderful to feel how even the outward/backward ski contributes to the performance of the telemark turn…

It’s a pity the season is coming to an end; so it’s not likely I’ll have the chance to try them in powder until next winter…

Thank you very much for the best pair of skies I’ve ever had!


Wow !!!! The Fatbastards are awesome !!! Spring has sprung on our hill,so to try the skis in powder we hiked into a shady bowl, just enough turns to feel how responsive they are.I can hardly wait for next winter….After the hike we headed over to the sunny side to ski some bumps and groomers, it took a bit to get used to the extra width, but by the end of the day I felt like a happy bunny hopping down the hill !! The second day they felt even better !! I was skiing the singles line and people were practically tug of warring to see who got to ride with the Scottybobs.One fellow said that he had concidered your skis,but bought regular skis instead.After my Scottybob spiel,he was bumbed. I think they may have thought I was a bit coo-coo ( just excited) While I was sking,they spotted me from the chair and chanted and cheered Scottybob,Scottybob.I happily joined in the cheering.
A huge thankyou the the master maker of the worlds finest, most beautiful,fun telemark skis !!!!
All hale ScottyBob
Sandra’s 165 FatBastards

Hi Scottybob
Greetings from Japan! It is still winter time in Nagano, but as we enter new month, we started to feel spring wind.
The weather has been unpredictable but I am hoping to get good weather by mid-March, so that backcountry skiers will enjoy the great season in Nagano. Shiga-Kogen, where I work as a ski instructor during winter season has one of the biggest ski area in Japan. Taking advantage of the size of the field as well the performance of the new ski, Imake a regular short trip from Shiga-Kogen to next ski area which usually takes five hours.
Scottybob ski is my best partner. Getting new custom ski from you every year has become my special event of the season in order to enjoi the winter season and also get going with my instructor job.
Thanks again

Hi there!

What can I say…. I love them!!

And heres how it went:
I went up north with my kids age 5 and 7, so youknow skiing with these two does not give me the possibility to really try the skies out. And after the first two rounds I was really like ‘what have I bought…’ (okay – good to remember that it was 10 years since my last pair of new skier) – third day the youngest waited down while me and the 7 year old went up for some real turns – I started to find something. still after skiing 18 years telemark, I had difficulties finding the right touch.

Came the 5th day of skiing, my wive and some relatives came over – finally time to really ski. And my god did I find the touch… its seldom you hear a 42 year old screaming of happiness in the ski-lift. New snow that had come the previous night, some powder, perfect slopes, perfect sunshine – and I found a feel to the skies and how well they handle. The deep carving turns at max speed – juuuuust fantastic – juuuust perfect!

Attached picture of the skie(s) in backcountry Finland, happy owner behind the camera

Thanks again & lets be in touch


PS – allready planning to buy my second pair, just to have in stock for myself

Hey ScottyBob,

I want to send you some words about my experience with ScottyBob Skiworks
and my ScottyBob skis.
Just after Christmas my son in law told me about some special skis he had
We hooked up the PC and found www.scottybob.com.
We explored the site for hours and discussed what patterns we liked the
A few days later I sent an idea to ScottyBob by E-Mail. Some minutes later
I got reply: Hey Alf was this what you thought of?
I had some more questions and got the answers at once. I then ordered a
pair of Thunderbolts.
ScottyBob was quick and helpfull. I felt safe all the time.
Two weeks later I got a picture of the Thunderbolts. Now I have them here.
Last sunday I had my first day on them. The first thing I noticed was
their lightness. Then their stability.
This Tuesday I had an evening with my Thunderbolts.
I love them! They are carving better than my old traditional alpine skis
and they are much more stable.
This evening there was plenty of powder on both sides of the groomers.
In such conditions my old skis went from side to side. The Thunderbolts
went straight trough without any fuzz.
I felt so secure. Thank you ScottyBob for your effort, your service and
the skiis!!
Thank you for many happy turns to come 😉

Alf, Telemark, Norway.

You have created a masterpiece with the Sharksnouts! I have put 5 days of backcountry on my pair, and they are a sweet ride. They are quickly becoming my go to guide ski. The rockered tip rides up and over everything – mank, old ski tracks, logs and rocks, everything! They are impressively light for such a big bodied ski and perform well on the ski track. They break trail very well and clients appreciate the wide track left behind. In powder they float and track well. They really seem to like the fall line and loads of speed, but they turn when I want them to and are impressively responsive. The tails are turned up just enough to facilitate backwards sliding, and I’ve managed a couple of backwards tele turns in them. As expected, they aren’t the best on hard windpack, it is a bit of work to get them on edge. Once they are there they carve pretty nice though.

As for looks, well, amazeing. The figured sapele came out so well, I love the grain pattern. Everyone thinks they are gorgeous. To the point, they served as the pulpit for a backcountry skiing wedding!

Thanks for makeing such a great ski for my Scottybob. I’m telling the world about them!

john m

Hi ScottyBob,
Attached, please find the photo of another satisfied ‘ fat bastard ‘ customer. Kachina Peak, Taos Ski Valley, the morning after a 20″ powder dump on the last day of the resort season 2009. Satisfaction, by way of a great snowstorm, chute and of course, a ski that is a joy to ride. Thanks so much, Glenn, Taos, NM.

Dear ScottyBob.

I posted this review of your wonder ski on telemarktips. Some one suggested I should send it to you to put on your reviews page.

Thank you so much for a mind blowing ski.

Scott Hammond.
Kvitfjell. Norway.

So, I am sitting here 10pm with a beer, looking at the wonderful skis that ScottyBob made me, wondering what to write. I found this hard to do as I do not feel what I have written below really says what a phenomenal ski Scottybob has made here.

There was many a discussion about what I should do with the ski and a threat of being fired if I did not mount them to the wall over the fireplace at work as they are so damn beautiful. But I waited patiently to the dismay of ScottyBob for my boots to arrive. So I waited. And waited! The boots arrived and the holes were drilled.

Then last night we were blessed with 30cms of the coldest, lightest snow I have ever skied. -15 and then some Celsius (4 or 5 F me thinks) and on a Sunday before Christmas the mountain was sparse to say the least. I decided that there not being enough business in the shop for all over us, seeing as I am such a good boss, I should take the day off and go skiing.

I skied off the top excited and made a few P turns. The 18m Radius was nice and familiar, and with the new NTN TX Pro boot and bindings being so stable, it was a nice feeling. I skied along a traverse and over to some untracked snow and made my first teleturn on the Sharksnout.

It was amazing. The snow being so light that the skis were pretty much on the prepared snow under, I was able to float and get some edge contact as well. The tip was sticking its head out and the Punisher skull seemed to be winking at me in the reflection of the sun. The ski width and edge feel on a ski of 115 seemed to be no more than my 90 wide Headrush and was light and nimble underfoot and easy to turn when and where I wanted, be it on or off piste. Under the layer of super light snow was crusty here and there. I did not know this. I was told by a few flailing others as I looked back at the screwing up my tracks!

In comparison to all the other large skis that I have skied, both rockered and fatties, there was not one bit of similarity at all. I found the Black Diamond Magawatt to be a leg burning hell ride on piste and when off, even thought it was good, the ski tip of the trailing ski always rode over the lead ski when turning when pushed out the heel. I did not like this at all as well as the pain after 10 turns. Not a ski for me at all. This put me off rockers.

When I skied the Megawatt I had tele’d for half the season and was so tired after 1 or 2 runs. Todays skiing was my 3rd day on tele’s (due to the no boot problem) and I skied top to bottom on these wonder skis with no leg burn or felt any of that pressure on the knees that a fat ski can give.

The tapered tip, combined with the rocker made it easy to turn the ski at any speed due to the skis not crossing when you send the leading heel (making an A frame shape) out to adjust your radius or stop. The softness of the tip pushed it up above the front of the leading ski and the taper just stopped it making contact. (If that makes any sense)

The slight camber just eased the ski from edge to edge. Held at speed and was easy to crank a full carved turn on a cut up piste.

All in all, I skied it on and off piste. The snow was deep enough to float, even though it was so light, but I knew that was not going to be a problem anyway. The crust was not felt at all. But it was in fact the on piste performance that blew me away. Easy to ski and in no way like a regular fat or rockered ski.

After skiing it, I called Scottybob. He was standing at the top preparing for his first run of the season. I hope he has as good a day as I did. He told me ” I have spent an unbelievable amount of money on R+D for the SharkSnout!” Well, Scottybobs R & D budget was well spent here. It is a truly outstanding ski and I cannot wait to ski it in some seriously deep snow. Then again, I cannot wait to ski them again. Unless I am teaching, I will use my Headrush, otherwise this one is my go to ski.

A great fun ski as all Bobtails are, but this was a real surprise, but then again, coming from Scottybob’s Ski Works, is it really?

Løp og Kjøp as they say here in Norway.

Hi Scotty Bob,

a few weeks ago we received our pairs of Scotty Bob Skis. And last
weekend we got the first true deep powder in the Austrian Alps. There
are no better condition to ski our new skis. They are awesome! Thanks
for being so dedicated in terms of skiing and ski construction. We are
totally amazed. Enclosed find some impressions of the last weekend.
The guy on the second picture on the right side thats me.

While we were out on the mountains to find our freshies we discussed
whether we should become import partner in Europe for Scotty Bob
skis :-). Sounds funny but we are also passionnated of skiing and we
love to spread your idea of building/ constructing and designing skis.
What do you mean?

Hope the winter in S’ton has already started. Hope we keep in touch


Telemark Hintertux1
The Scotty Bobs1

Dear Scottybob

Now I received my scottybob’s ski by FEDEX.

I’m very happy. Now there is no snow on any ski-area in JAPAN, but about December,We have many snow, and I’ll go to ski area with Scottybob’s ski.
My new ski will be the envy of every skier.

Thank you.

Dear Scotty:

Many thanks for the tour of your really cool shop!!! I realize you primarily do business over the phone. It meant alot to me that you spent the aftenoon with us ….and that YOU will make my skiis.

I think my friend Ross will be calling you about ordering a pair too.

Lets keep in touch. Call me anytime.

Don’t forget to email Kelly the pictures so that I can have one too.


P.S. Kelly loved meeting you too….she wants to play golf in the snow next time she makes it her way.


Thank you very much. To day I am very very happy. I wake up this
morning and my skis from your shop has arrived. It is fantastic
that I have got my skis within a week. Now I will order my
Chrismas holiday to Norway . Every year since I was 8 year I have been
skiing in Telemark in Norway .This year I also go to Italy to try my
new skis. Oh- I am so anwious to try them.
Thanks a lot for your kindness during this order.!!.



Hi Scotty,

Thought i was going to ski wolf creek as usual — that was a laugh. And then visit you on my way north, bringing some holiday cheer. Unfortunetly, i had to go directly to the summit area to find some crap to ski on. I guess you enjoyed the warm dry weather and probably golfed till almost dec 1st. Maybe winter and snow has finally arrived this afternoon, although it is awfully warm here in frisco.

I’m still enjoying your skis, both the teles and alpines. Use the teles for winter backcountry and the alpines for the spring (frozen crud) backcountry. I’ll be heading north in a few day thru targhee, jackson, big sky and finally canada for a few months, before i turn around and work my way south. I tell everyone how great the skis are, and let some telers try them. Hope sales are growing.

Well enough BS, hope you have a happy holiday and a great new year !!! Jim from Florida

The best one pair
I use the ski which had ScottyBob make it every day.
It is a lesson and free time during January from December.
I can skiing on powder snow and the pack snow comfortably.
I love this design very much. It is the center of public attention of other
skiers in a row waiting for ski lift.
Many of questions what makers? What brand is it? The performance?
And I understand may answer if I watch my ski sliding!
And it is the best telemark ski which had sccotyBob made a custom ski having
only one of them in the world where I say!

Thank you


Dear Scotty bob

At an age of 45 it is rare to get the feeling of being a kid again, you know that exhilarating feeling of pure pleasure on skis. Two feet of fresh new powder in Kvitfjell and a brand new pair of Telemark powder machines from ScottyBob gave me just that feeling this weekend, all weekend. The skis are simply fantastic. I haven’t had that feeling since I skied a pair of Tua wilderness back in the early nineties.

Thanks for bringing powder pleasure back to telemarking for me. AWESOME.

Glenn Kristiansen

Excellent Scotty

I got the skis. They are beautiful. Thank you very much. Finally had a
chance to take them out and try them. I’m having to adjust to the
shorter fatter skis. But I can tell they will work just fine.
You probable heard this before but other skiers, alpine and tele, are
complementing how great they look. So I pass on your name to them.

Anyway thanks a lot and if I make out to Colorado I’ll stop by and say

Richard Baker


I got the skis yesterday and you did a wonderful job. Thank you. I
can’t wait to ski them.

Dan Tarlow

Hi Scottybob

i would like to inform you the ski has just arrived.

It looks really beautifull. Great…..:-)))

I hope it will ride in the same way as it looks. But i have a good feeling
for this.

one question: the boot center line, i have the feeling is based more to the
end of the ski. is this right?

I don`t use the ski for telemark, I use it with an alpin binding.



Of course! Your product is wonderful. You took excellent care of me. More than once. Internet forums tend to be places filled with negativity for no good reason. I feel you deserve that the world know how well I was taken care of.

Keep on keeping on!

And thinking of ideas for my ski for next year!



Just to let you know the skis arrived safely yesterday. Scott was very happy with his Hawaiian style and I am handing over the others today. They all looked and felt great so I am sure the other guys will be chuffed.

Many thanks for the excellent skis and service. Hopefully the orders will keep coming in, we still have plenty of snow so the season is far from over…………..

All the best


SB – I enjoy the ride! thnx. -Michael G.

Hey S-B,

Wanted to let you know how the skis you made for me this season (custom shop: one pr. Headrush teles; one pr. Powerstorm alpine) fared. They were awesome.

I still spend most of my time on alpines, and those big fat Powerstorms were hugely fun. Plus I got a lot of comments on both pairs, which was an added bonus. And I tell anyone who asks about them to check out your website and then fer cryin’ out loud get on the phone and get themselves some.

Obviously they have the marks of a season of skiing on them, but all in all they handled the wear and tear as well as can be expected. I’m very happy with them.

I did make it out to Silverton Mountain the first Friday in April, had a great time. Next time I’m out there I’ll be sure to make time to stop by, say hello, buy you a beer.

Thanks again for the bitchin’ skis.




Just letting you know my skis have been delivered safe and sound.
With regard to the crack in the overlay. It’s unfortunate, but like you say it can happen, and it’s only a slight cosmetic thing. Obviously I’d be happy to accept your offer of $50 back because of it but I certainly wouldn’t consider having them remade – I’d rather be out skiing them. Infact my bindings are already mounted and I got out for a couple of hours today. Even with that little crack they look great and are performing well too in our slushy late season snow.
I’d also like to say that I appreciate the effort of you and your crew to get them made up and shipped out to me as quickly as you did. Good job.

Thanks again
All the best


Hi Scott,

I received my skis yesterday and skied on them today. My Little Fatties are awesome. With each run, I felt like I was in a telemark video program. My turns were effortless especially on the back skis and I felt like I was dialled into an imaginary magnetic ‘tele rail track’. Super fun and exactly how I had hoped the skis would help me to ski and feel. My only complain today is that the 3cm of fresh snow kept obscuring the cool graphics on the Fatties.

I will no dobt rave about your skis to others. Every telemark skier should ski on them.

Take care and keep up the cool tele ideas


Hey Scotty

Not sure if you remember me or not! My name is Olivier Perrault Ski
number 06/07-0048BH
I live in Virginia Beach and you Fedex my skie’s a while back.

I swear by your ski’s….
Not sure how your business is doing at the moment.
Last we spoke you told me that you thinking about having your skies made
in China! But the way the economy is going at the moment?

Just want to let you know that I am a true fan of your ski’s and the fact

that your skies are US made is real good : )

Keep up the good work.

Hi ScottyBob
An impression ! The best ! I am exciting ! this custom ski.
A partner of this year is interesting! I yet show this ski nobody. I still make it secret in December when it stand on snows.
When I stand on snow in December, I surprise a friend.
Silver mustache and long hair of Scottybob on the right ski promises a perfect performance.
I have you design it just as wanted and thank for the painting of the face which I wrote.
Pease put the picture of this face on the custom shop.


Hi Scotty;

It is nice to see that you back in the game with your updated website. My skis are still going strong. I have had many compliments on my “cork720’s”, and it will be nice to let people know that you’re still around.
Looking for any reps in the northern new york/vermont area? If not, I would like to talk about it.
Thanks, and pray for snow!


The skis arrived the other day – they look great! I’ve just got one question for you – what type of wood is forming the top sheet of the ski? Is this fig? Thanks again. I’m very happy with how they turned out.
All the best.

I got them, I like them very much. maybe I will order oher ones for cristhmas ( bobtail , gothski 1) . Thanks a lot . Will be in contact

Thanks. Kike

Dear ScottyBob

I received SKI today.
It’s so cool, I liked it very much.

Thank you

Hi Scotty,

Sorry i missed you at a-basin, but it got too hot to hang around.

My son and i did Quandry peak last friday. Quite a slog(3400′) for me, 6hrs to topout with lots of rock hopping. My first 14er, hiking or skiing; and probably my last, unless the roads go higher or i get younger. We skied cristo coloir which was great. So i’m happy. Thought you would like the photo, even though it is alpine rather than tele gear — i’m getting too old to do everything on tele’s. It’s a testimonial of a Very Happy Scotty Bober.

JIM from florida

PS: Those skis you had were real sharp!! Don’t leave them around or i might steal them. I like the square tip, any disadvantages??? If you scatch them up some and want to sell them cheap, let me know.


I wanted to take a moment this evening to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and to say thank you for the best pair of skis that I have ever owned. They arrived on time and were beautiful. I had them mounted with Rossignol axial 120 pro wide brake binding and waited for a powder day. They were amazing. I was going to write you then but I decided to wait for the first blush to wear off before I wrote. I don’t think that is going to happen. It has been pounding snow here, one storm after another and the ski is just unbelievable. At 57, I am skiing better that ever in my life. The ski preforms consistently no matter what the pitch, snow or type of turn that I need it to do. The ski is stable in big fast turns ans easy to slow tight spots. I don’t know how you accomplished that but it is amazing. I was recently at a demo event and skied about 10 of the latest and greated factory “powder skis”. None of them are even the same league as your ski. That you for what you do.
Peace be with you,
Frank Wasicek

Hi there!

I bougth a pair of Fat Bastards 2 years ago, and I must say that it’s
probably the best telemark ski I’ve ever tried!

Sending you a picture from the most beautiful place in Norway, Sunnmørs
alpene (the Sunnmøre Alps).
This picture was taken the 24th of may on the top of Skårasalen, a
summit that is 1542 meters above sea level.
Walking from about 500 meters above sea level. A fantastic trip on my
Fat Bastards, and it was even better on the way down!

So once again, thank’s alot Scotty Bob!

Best regards

Hi Scottybob
A load arrived today. I am impressed and moved and excited!!!
Blue metallic shines. I step on this ski and want to cut the snow of the
backcountry. In December, I wear this ski and look forward to standing on
My friend watches this, too and wants to order a Scottybob custom ski by the
end of this week or next week.
By the way, do you have original T-shirt of Scottybob?



Happy New Year. Thanks for my new skis, they are amazing. Rachael
also loves her replacements, thanks again for doing that.

I was out of town and did not have a chance to send back the old
pair. However, I do have a friend who wants to buy them, are you
interested in selling them to her instead of having me ship them
back? If so, how much should I tell her?



Hey Bob,

I don’t know if you remember me, Davide from Gap in France, you send me a telemark ski in Arizona to a friend of mine in November.

I just wont say to you that I had a wonderful and great season with your skis and used it every time in the powder.
Just few days a go I went in La Grave and meet some guys from Colorado that they know you :-) wonderful little world….

So, very happy with my Scottybob, but I had to choose a largest one!

Can you give me an idea of price for a fat bastard profile with normal camber and medium flex in wood design?

Thanks so much


Davide MOY

Hi Scottybob,
I’m a ski instructor at Gore Mountain NY ( 6 years ). A friend of mine, Corky has a pair, not quite sure what model, but I was impressed with the performance of your skis in the all terrain conditions we frequent.
Do you offer any discounts to poor ski instructors?
Do you have a distribution rep in the east?
Finances permitting, I’ll attempt to get both an alpine and tele model. There’s a good chance I’ll be in Silverton late 2007-2008 season, may be a good opportunity to ski with you?
Cheers, Dean.

Dean Francis

Loving them and thanks for putting this together for me. They are handling this east coast ice perfectly and I am hoping get some powder runs soon. Take care and if you ever get out to Maine please contact me.

James Marciano

Hi Scotty,

Thought i’d just bring you up to date on my scottybob tour. Did the usual early season colorado to big sky montana route. Then for a change of pace and scenery, just spent 6 weeks in southern idaho and oregon doing all the ski areas.

Did 6 areas in southern idaho: Pebble Creek, Pomerelle, Soldier Mtn, Bogus Basin, Brundage, and Tamarack. Didn’t run into anyone who knew of your skis; but answered a lot of questions as to why a piece of the tail is missing.

Did 9 areas in oregon: Anthony Lakes, Warner Canyon, Mt Ashland, Willamette Pass, Mt Bachelor, Hoodoo, Mt Hood Ski Bowl, Timberline, and Mt Hood Meadows. Again, answered similiar questions about the tails. Most of the skiers i met were unfamiliar with scottybobs. However in the Mt Hood areas, i ran in to a number of people who either had tried them or had friends who ski on them.

I sent all the questioneers to your web site for more specific info. Hope you’re getting more traffic and orders.

Although a little late, I’m now back on my normal tour thru British Columbia. And hopefully i’ll still get some cheap end-of-season cat-skiing.

I’ve been skiing exclusively on your tele and alpine skis. I’ve used your alpine skis at a number of cat-skiing operations in BC; and also both the teles and alpine skis at a number of backcountry huts in BC. For this old guy to both keep up with the younger chargers and to handle the sometimes crappy spring backcountry conditions; i’ve been forced to use your alpine skis more and more. I prefer to tele, but at my pace wouldn’t have any friends left to ski with in the backcountry. That’s life, i guess.

How’s businees doing? Hope the shitty economy isn’t hurting you. I’ve been meaning to stop by silverton and buy you a drink. But there hasn’t been any early snow at wolf creek the past 2 years, so i’ve just by-passed the area and headed north. Hopefully next year will be better all around.

JIM, the old guy from Florida


I’m the guy who came down to Silverton last summer to pick out my skis. I just wanted to let you know that they are killer boards. I’m loving them, and telling everyone that will listen. I’ve got a good buddy that publishes Freeskier magazine. I showed him your boards, and he was impressed. I wanted to do an online introduction for you two. What’s your direct e-mail?

Happy New Year!

Hey ScottyBob,

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for producing such a beautiful pair of skis so quickly. They are better looking than I had imagined…
Secondly, I was wondering if you had any information you could send me about mounting alpine bindings to the skis? The company I’ve got doing the work are a little confused about the line in the skis in relation to alpine bindings.

Many thanks

Hi there!

I bougth a pair of Fat Bastards 2 years ago, and I must say that it’s
probably the best telemark ski I’ve ever tried!

Sending you a picture from the most beautiful place in Norway, Sunnmørs
alpene (the Sunnmøre Alps).
This picture was taken the 24th of may on the top of Skårasalen, a
summit that is 1542 meters above sea level.
Walking from about 500 meters above sea level. A fantastic trip on my
Fat Bastards, and it was even better on the way down!

So once again, thank’s alot Scotty Bob!

Best regards


Hello Scottybob!
Me and my dad bought two pair of skis from you 2 years ago. Now we have used the skis for two seasons, and I think it’s the best pair of skis I have ever tried. They are perfect in every way. I love them!!! The next time Im going to by a new pair of skis, Im defenitly going to by them from you. Also, I attached som photos because I thought it would be fun for you to look at. Hopefully I will contact about a year from now and order a new pair och scottybob skis.

Thanks Oscar from Sweden



Good morning Scott,

The skies are great!!!!  The woods look nice together.  the breast cancer logo looks great and copper logo is perfect.  The Woodward logo is a little off I think, it looks O.K. but not as good as the other two pieces. Over all very pleased with the way the ski turned out.  Now I just have to want to feel them on the snow.

Until I ride them I’ll just have to be patient.  With any good luck the 15th of October with be their first day on snow.

Thanks for your time and artwork.

Hello Scott,

I am not sure if you remember me. I am Peng from Zermatt, Switzerland. I bought a pair of custom Little Fatties from you last year and absolutely love the way it handles all snow conditions. Since last year was an epic snow year here in Switzerland, I was totally happy and thrilled to have the Little Fatties as my ‘primary ride’.

However, this August, when all the snow had melted and the glacier was more exposed, I switched back to my old K2’s (with G3 targa binding and 15 mm riser plate) as rock skis. I noticed that the Scotty Bobs still reign over any other skis and am still grateful that I have them.


Here is a photo of my skiis. I tried letting them have the whole bed with me sleeping on the floor but they got lonely.
The girlfriend objected because they replaced her in bed, I couldn’t see the problem myself but then again she is a woman.
Apparently the smile on my face is where i am dreaming of the ride of my life

Not yet skiied them, will have to wait until the Christmas holidays but will keep you posted12838_188755744450_580769450_2757282_6804960_n

woop woop!
so they came in the post about 15 mins ago.
and i love them! they are the sex!
i must admit i was a bit worried about how they would turn out but they are better than i ever imagined. you took my original design and made it soooo much better i am so happy with them. It’s going to be hard to drill holes in them lol
all thats left to do now is wait for the snow and see how they ski but im sure they will be above and beyond my expectations!
well i just wanted to email you and say thank you very much and to let you know i am super happy with them.

thank you

Hey ScottyBob,
My name is John Shocklee, and I’ve been living and working in Silverton as a ski guide since 2000-01. Not until Scotty moved to Silverton did I start skiing on his skis. I really enjoy the overall performance of his fat custom powder skis. Every year or two he advances the technology and allows me to request ideal sizes and shapes for me. This year I’m blown away by the new rocker tip custom powder boards. These rocker tip skis enhance the performance of every aspect of backcountry skiing. While skinning in deep powder snow the rocker tip allows the ski to stay aloft as you climb. While skiing variable conditions they excel through the challenging crud, by breaking those bad layers of snow while not ever submerging into the dreaded trap door. And lastly, when it comes to bottomless perfect powder, you’ll feel like a movie star. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Only one word……..
Thank you…..