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Making New Lines


I have the best job in the world!

I design and hand make skis for individual people. Not just ordinary skis but special skis unlike anything they’ve ever skied before. My patented design provides skiers of all skill levels with precision ski instruments that allow them to turn and control their descent on a slope to a degree they never dreamed was possible.

It all started in the 90’s when, as a telemark instructor, I began questioning the design axioms of the ski manufacturing industry. I couldn’t understand why manufacturers would make symmetrically-shaped skis. Skiing nearly 200 days a year and teaching many different students, I realized there were fundamental design flaws in all the skis being offered to telemark skiers at the time. The more I thought about the bio-mechanics of telemark skiing, the more I realized that symmetrically-shaped skis were just as flawed for alpine skiing as well.

I was naive about ski manufacturing back then, especially mass production. It would be a few years later before I’d understand that the symmetrical design of skis allowed the major ski manufacturers to maximize profits by selling a model to the widest possible range of alpine and telemark skiers. It wasn’t about how well the skis worked for the people who bought them and their style of skiing. The main design consideration was how profitable it was to make the skis and appealing to the widest possible range of skiers. The materials in the ski became the focus of advertising and promotion – with no advancement or specialization in the shape of the skis.

Instinctively I knew there must be a better shape for telemark skis. It wasn’t long before I wanted to build a prototype based on my ideas and observations. Using a good bit of American ingenuity and resourcefulness, I grabbed a hacksaw and started cutting sections out of the symmetrical skis that were so readily available.

I’ll never forget the incredible sense of euphoria I experienced the first time I skied those crude prototypes. The simple principles I’d observed in telemark skiing and the ski design ideas it generated resulted in a strange looking ski. The performance of the design exceeded my wildest expectation. The ski’s responsiveness, handling, ease and fluidity of turns was just amazing. I knew I was on to something.

The next few years was a strange journey for someone who just loved skiing and designing skis. Trying to get skis massed produced in China, just never worked out. So now I’m back to having complete control of my name and how it’s used on the skis of my design. More importantly, I’m back to building skis in my Colorado shop by hand, one pair at a time for individuals.

I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to share my passion with you for designing and building skis. Please consider allowing me the privilege of building your next pair of alpine or telemark skis.